About Us

We are delighted to announce the merging of two well-established South African mosaic companies: Hot Rocks Mosaics & Mandela Park Mosaics. Together, we have over twenty years of design and mosaic work experience using all available materials and techniques. This collaboration has empowered a team of 4 previously disadvantaged from the townships surrounding Cape Town.
From hand drawn designs, our team produces decorative, artistic and ornamental mosaics in 2D and 3D for interiors and exteriors. We use various materials: vitreous glass, ceramic and beach stones in the execution of our designs.

About Jacqueline Mitchell

Having worked with acclaimed mosaic artists in both the UK and USA since 1999, Jacqueline Mitchell launched Hot Rocks Mosaics in South Africa in 2003. She now creates designs for us to transpose into mosaics for private and public spaces. Jacqueline has played a leading role in training and empowering South Africans in the art of mosaics, and she continues this legacy in Mandela Park Mosaics.

About Mandela Park Mosaics

Mandela Park Mosaics started in Hout Bay with the initial focus being to train empower a team in the art of mosaic. The company has grown to include a team of four artists who are permanently employed and now have extensive experience in mosaics. This team has also been instrumental in the development of a new range of silicone and mosaic tile products which are currently exported around the world (See Mosaic and Silicone Products). Learn to Earn is an active shareholder & partner in Mandela Park Mosaics. Learn to Earn is a non-profit skills development and job creation organisation, working with unemployed people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.